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Through your support in donations and sponsorships we are able to get results based on proven best practices  and tools versus theory or harmful pharmaceuticals to treat trauma or injuries. Valor Performance Research welcomes all businesses, large and small, to exercise their corporate responsibility efforts in community outreach.  We share our best practices and results with VA Hospitals and civilian medical centers, and we use our events and expeditions to support our communities and environment.  

Below is Valor Performance Research's determination letter with our IRS 501c3 exemption status effective as of November 5, 2014.  Please contact 970-393-2367 to make a donation or sponsorship to Valor Performance Research 501c3 through Wells Fargo Non-Profit Banking.


Valor Performance Research has added new scuba diving events in 2016 through collaboration with a Southern California disabled veteran scuba diving team using scuba diving to help veterans help themselves.

If you are a disabled veteran or service member in Southern California and you would like to learn to scuba dive through an adaptive scuba diving certified program (instruction, gear and dives are provided for learning at no cost upon receipt of disability paperwork);

Or if you are a scuba certified disabled veteran or service member living in hte US who would like to be considered for upcoming scuba diving expeditions with effective recovery solutions, leadership and team building and coral reef restoration please contact fara@faraevebarnes.com. 

Please check out the video above to learn about our upcoming scuba diving expedition in August.



Or donations may be mailed to:

Valor Performance Research, 14431 Ventura Blvd. #588, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

                                            Donations may be made via Paypal:

Valor Performance Research sponsored disabled veteran scuba diving coral reef restoration mission off of Bonaire Island.  
Site 1 Dive Team Pics - Disabled veteran divers completed the first stage of PADI Coral Restoration Dive Certification and diving, including: removing algae and predators from the coral nursery, adding new coral fragments to nursery trees and conducting a survey of the restoration site. 

The Coral Restoration Foundation used scientific research to develop the recovery process for our oceans biological systems (which impact the lives of many species, environments and economies) and has sites around the world for certified divers to carry out those effective recovery processes through coral reef restoration.

  • 1.7 million Americans suffer from TBI every year; it is regularly misdiagnosed and mistreated and it has been scientifically correlated with drug abuse and addiction, and suicidal behavior with specific pharmaceutical combinations
  • Over the past 13 years of wars more than 273, 859 soldiers were diagnosed with and suffer from traumatic brain injuries (TBI)
  • There are more deaths from suicide since 9/11 than all of the combat related deaths of the Iraq and Afghanistan War
  • The number of suicide deaths of Vietnam vets is greater than the number of combat related deaths in the Vietnam War
  • The current suicide rate for veterans is 22 lives every day, and 1 a day for active duty military
  • From Iraq & Afghanistan Wars more than 1,958 soldiers endured losing multiple major limbs via full and partial amputations resulting from battlefield injuries
  • More than 54% of today's soldiers suffer from sleep disorders correlated with post-traumatic stress (PTS), and the most common treatment for both are highly addictive pharmaceuticals proven to cause permanent neurological damage while only addressing symptoms
  • The Department of Defense has reported that currently 1 in 3 women who join the US military will be sexually assaulted or raped by fellow male soldiers in the military.   The VA has reported that men are also being treated for military sexual trauma (MST); from sexual assault or rape by fellow soldiers.


Valor Performance Research has multiple partnerships with advanced technology research and development pioneers and leading experts, and sports recovery, wilderness rehabilitation, ocean therapy and equine-assisted therapy teams.

We integrate elite leadership and team building processes into every partnership and expedition, because it has been proven key to achieving successful transformation and recovery from life-debilitating stress, trauma and injury. 

high performance & sPOrt technology specialist


Valor Performance Research 501(c)3  provides effective recovery innovations and solutions to disabled military veterans and service members via sports recovery, wilderness rehabilitation, ocean therapy and equine-assisted therapy.  

Unique to VPR, we use advanced technology to enhance, monitor and quantify the effectiveness of our solutions so that we can apply, develop and share evidence-based best practices with VA hospitals and medical centers around the world.


  • To facilitate elite leadership and team building processes for successful recovery transitions; proven structure and environment dynamics for physiological, psychological and emotional wellbeing and recovery
  • ​To facilitate expeditions with effective recovery solutions that support both the team as well as the environment or community (ex. coral reef restoration scuba diving)
  • Collaboration with research and development pioneers and businesses using straight-forward, well organized processes with evidence-based recovery innovations and solutions applications
  • Collaboration with high-performance professionals and organizations, as well as developmental teams, to ensure best practices using evidence-based technology, and sports recovery, wilderness rehabilitation, scuba diving and equine-assisted therapy ​teams 

Valor Performance Research 501(c)3 is funded by sponsorships, private donations, and ongoing fundraising campaigns.     




In a visit by the Office of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Valor Performance Research was honored to give a presentation with advanced technology solutions integrated into equine-assisted therapy programs.

This evidence-based technology suite provides a standard metric for evaluation and improvement as well as state-of-the-art mobile technologies which exponentially accelerate learning and recovery, and directly enhance high performance when it matters most.  In another project Fara is part of, she is implementing advanced technology into high-altitude research and Everest expedition in May.

Collaboration and synergy has been realized today.  We are being blessed with an opportunity to implement these solutions on several hundred acres of the Los Angeles VA campus dedicated to recovery and reintegration of our nation's military veterans.

Our team will be part of West LA VA's selection by the pentagon to become the model VA hospital with best practices that will be standardized throughout every region of the United States for effective care solutions.

Though it may sound cliche to recommend to others to "Never Give Up", this is an essential part of a growth mindset to innovate our performance and solve the micro and macro scale problems that we face.  

When people come together with the will to find a way and a strategy to take massive action using the best practices available, the impossible becomes possible.


December 2015 - Valor Performance Research initiated a program that integrates evidence-based advanced technology best practices and sports recovery developmental team competitions within PATH certified equine-assisted hippotherapy/horsemanship centers and VA Hospitals for effective recovery solutions culminating in local and national events for disabled veterans and active duty military.

The program leads to a Cowboy Challenge; a spectator event with timed, point-based competition on an obstacle course.  The Cowboy Challenge obstacle course has numerous kinds of obstacles with point values based on the degree of difficulty.

This developmental team program is available to PATH certified equine-assisted therapy centers serving wounded warriors, to join together in competition via the 1st National Cowboy Challenge and to bring awareness of and support to the success of equine-assisted therapy solutions for our wounded military service members and veterans.

If you are a PATH certified equine-assisted therapy center, or a wounded service-member or veteran participating in an equine-assisted therapy program, and you'd like to find out how you can join this developmental team program culminating in the 1st National Cowboy Challenge competition, contact 970-393-2367