Unforgettable presentations with battle tested key strategies that your company or organization can immediately apply to generate or innovate high performance winning leaders and teams.  The youtube videos below are available for the public from Adventure 16's International Speakers Series, "The Journey to Everest" event - 8/19/2016. 

Winter Olympic sports are at the leading edge of engineering athlete's physiology with technology innovations; scientifically approaching training and competition strategies for winning World Championships and Olympic medals. 

The following insights come from presentations I’ve provided Olympic medalists, athletes and coaches, as well as for my upcoming Tedx talk in 2017.

The human body and mind are able to perform in an amazing amount of environments. The impact of environments and climates on an athlete's physiology has been of special interest to winter Olympic sports for a long time.

Over the past ten years this gave rise to extraordinary research, developments and innovations in sport science and technology applications, training methods and recovery strategies to manage and enhance performance. 

Now there is laser-like precision in determining the fitness requirements for optimizing sports performance along with training program designs to achieve this.

​​Of these developments and innovations in sport science and technology, the following (nano-technology, neuro-technology and supercomputing technologies)

are those I specialize in using with several

examples in winter Olympic sports:

Unlock the physiology of optimal performance and resilience on demand.  



Part 2 - Overcoming Obstacles and Military Service-Connected Injuries (From a kidnapping and hostage rescue operation in the Sierra Nevadas of Spain to trekking summits in the US, rock climbing and survival in the Mojave Desert) 


This program can be used for basic and applied scientific research.  

Research participation has included: high altitude performance and recovery; sleep; stress demand and response; accelerated learning; leadership and teamwork; wilderness rehabilitation; equine-assisted horsemanship therapy; sports recovery solutions; scuba diving; skydiving; flying and oxygen applications.


Part 1 - Intro and Background

In addition to being able to use these

nano-technology, neuro-technology and

super-computing technologies to improve quality of life and performance at the highest level, we are testing new technology innovations.  In spring 2017 we will be testing a new high performance eyewear technology to quantify its enhancement of performance and effectiveness for athlete performance breakthroughs in Olympic winter sports.

Downhill and Nordic Skiing – 24 hour performance management with data analytics for: monitoring and improving training load, training effect, training stress, daily stress response, recovery index, injury recovery, sleep, and mental performance states.​​

Tactical and medical performance responses are critical to minimal loss and damage to life.

Performance management and technology applications have been proven to accelerate skill learning to expert level; improve operational resilience and recovery; and optimize leadership and teamwork for near perfect decision making, enhanced communication and problem solving.


Part 3 - Beyond Limitations; Mountaineering and Scuba Expeditions (From epic glacier mountaineering to underwater expeditions, recovery research and coral reef restoration)


Battle-Tested High Performance utilizes evidence-based advanced technology and data analytics to rate training, recovery, lifestyle and equipment for its effectiveness and to quantify its impact on performance.

Corporate success, leadership and teamwork starts with the individual's well-being.  This assessment reveals information and tools needed for corporations to build excellent human capital.

A lifestyle assessment profile provides corporate executives solutions for better stress recovery, performance, teamwork and well-being.  


​Hockey – real-time performance tracking and analysis with individual and team critical performance metrics for: measuring and improving training effects, planning individual and team training progressions, competition strategies and game applications, and selection and fast-tracking new team recruits.

Biathlon - in addition to 24 hour performance management with sophisticated data analytics, neuro-technology measures and improves visuomotor coordination and quiet-eye duration (both integral to all aerobatic, shooting and combative sports).



Performance testing is the best way to give your product or service a competitive edge. We offer performance testing for virtually any type of product or service, testing to high-caliber standards as well as your own specifications.

Performance testing is a process dictated by your goals and objectives.  How do you quantify your product or service value and benefits?
Can you independently support your claims? We offer four tiers performance testing capabilities.

Part 5 - Everest Presentation Film; From Kathmandu to trekking the Himalayas to HALO skydiving over Everest, followed by a Q & A on performance enhancement, stress and injury recovery using advanced mobile technology

The core of every winning athlete and team is optimized performance and recovery.

​Sports technology performance management provides the most evidence-based strategy for an athlete, coach and team to monitor, quantify and improve high performance training, recovery and competition processes.

Part 4 - Into the Himalayas;

The Cultural Journey to Everest


Fara Eve Barnes

high performance & sPOrt technology specialist