Fara Eve Barnes

high performance & sPOrt technology specialist


Battle-Tested High Performance is a ​service-disabled veteran-owned small business (SDVOSB).  Fara Eve Barnes is owner of Battle-Tested High Performance and founder of Valor Performance Research 501c3 non-profit .  She is a military veteran of both the U.S. Air Force and Air National Guard, where she gathered and disseminated information, briefed pilots before and during sorties, and provided front line combat tactical services to Tactical Ops Centers for mission specific ground and air ops.

Following this she trained and worked as an apprentice instructor in mixed martial arts, including: wing chun kung fu, kali, jujitsu, muay thai, jeet kune do, taekwondo, tai chi and qigong - under Sifu Francis Fong, Guro Dan Inosanto (Bruce Lee's protege), Grandmaster Ajarn Chai Sirsute, and Grandmaster G.S. Yung.   Her tactical training expanded to include live fire assault pistol and room clearing, SCARS, CADS and SHRIKE combatives techniques. 

While living overseas in the United Kingdom she developed her photography and writing skills as a member of the National Union for Journalists (NUJ).  She moved to Los Angeles to accept work as a military consultant and trainer as part of a team of military veterans who set and maintained the standard for modern warfare and combat advising for award-winning TV, film, role-playing games and media.  

Beginning in 2009 she was recruited to work as a Department of Defense (DOD) and private security special teams contractor with the Joint Counter Intelligence Training Academy (JCITA), Naval Special Warfare Development Group (NSWDG) and others for hyper-realistic battlefield simulations and scenarios, anti-terrorism and counter-intel field training exercises (FTX), international kidnapping and hostage rescue operations and elite corporate training for the World President's Organization (WPO) and Young President's Organization (YPO) .   

While recovering from service-connected injuries she used a process of testing and implementing evidence-based rehabilitation, stress response and peak performance solutions to collaborate on and innovate best practices.  Following this she was asked to participate in combat-wounded academic research, team and project leadership on high-altitude and underwater expeditions. 

While participating in sport recovery programs she competed at a disabled veteran national sports clinic at an Olympic Training Center.  After she and her teammate shot the top archery scores and led their team to victory, they were recruited for an emerging athlete Olympic Training Center training camp.  This led to Fara's passion with archery as well as training in Olympic archery with an Olympic coach.

In 2016 Fara used sport technology applications for high altitude and high performance testing of supplementary oxygen systems, climbing, HALO skydiving and rescue pilot operations at Mount Everest.​  Filming of her use of these applications with elite rescue teams  broadcast on Discovery Channel's "Everest Rescue" series and she started using sport technology applications with Olympic athletes.

Fara's speaking presentations are based on experience versus theory, ranging from audiences of corporate executives, medical professionals, adventure travelers and military leadership from 49 different countries.​  Her efforts have made it onto the front page of the San Francisco Tribune as well as been featured in primetime TV and news, science program broadcasts to global classrooms, and international media.  


To download a live radio podcast interview of Fara discussing her experiences with U.S. and International Special Forces for counter-intel, anti-terrorism, kidnapping and hostage rescue operations, and her successful use of advanced technology to recover from military service-connected injuries and help others, go to: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/neurotechnology-resilience/id761010893?i=356629415&mt=2


​​​“It was a pleasure working with Fara on a difficult task in Europe. She is a very sharp operator in the field who has a dynamic and assertive approach to work. I hope we do get to work together in the future.” - Peter King, Director at IMAAG (International Maritime Anti-Piracy Advisory Group):