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Kim Hyung-Tak Archery Training Center, South Korea

Olympic Archery Technical Training

Technical training is just 1 of the 5 Olympic recurve archery high performance aspects developed from decades of research, knowledge and application through coaching and technical analysis of South Korea’s Olympic medalists to World Champion International archers.

My goal here is to maximize understanding and applying this technical training and analysis. Before I return to the USA I will develop a strategy to include all 5 aspects for maximum results. 

So far I have lived and trained with international archers from Denmark, Switzerland, Brazil and India. Six days of the week we train together for 3 hours in the morning and 4 hours in the afternoon (7 hours/day). Concentration is at an elite level.

During this time we are on the shooting line working on consistently improving and concentrating in silence on technical skill training of the Olympic archery shot process.  The first shot at 9am and last shot at 6pm have the same concentration level. 

Our training focus depends on the coaching feedback and  technical analysis we’ve received from Coach Kim.  Technical training is just 1 of 5 Olympic recurve archery high performance aspects. 

The sound of a bow string singing when an arrow is released, from one archer’s bow to another, becomes a non-stop symphony. 

We take a break every 1 ½ hours and usually refresh and warm ourselves with hot tea or coffee and an occasional Korean snack by the wood stove. At lunch and dinner, we bike into downtown Goesan to eat meals with options of 3 different places. The meals there include mostly rice, noodles and fried meat options, so it's very important to choose wisely.

As the hours pass during training, I take notes on feedback and the developments in my shot process.

Achieving daily and consistent improvements is vital for realizing one’s potential on a micro scale (daily training) and macro scale (highest levels of performance in competition).

South Korean Olympic Archery Process

The South Korean process is the most successful national sports-science based Olympic recurve archery process in the world.  It evolved in the 1980s when Coach Kim was the Korean National Archery Team Head Coach. 

I am thankful for this knowledge, coaching and technical analysis and would love to learn the Korean language to improve my ability to communicate and apply this process with Coach Kim.

Archery & The Legacy of Easton

My deepest gratitude in archery is for the unwavering high standard and legacy of excellence, support and contribution of Easton Foundations, Easton Archery and Hoyt Archery. Gomapseumnida, 드림 (with respect and sincerity), for your support and the life-changing transformation and blessings that archery has brought into my life.  

What better way to develop leadership and team building than with an Executive Archery Retreat? 

Fara will tailor a retreat program to inspire and unlock both personal and professional potential with cutting-edge strategies and solutions. This event can be up to three days in duration. 

Fara prefers to offer retreats in the USA, Switzerland, and South Korea.  She also arranges on-site accomodations in elite athlete housing or nearby resorts. Other ranges with sufficient facilities are acceptable and will be considered.

sponsorship & donor opportunities

During my Olympic archery journey of international training and competitions, I will be using various technologies to quantify physiological and psychological benefits of Olympic sports best practices for optimal performance, and recovery from stress and injury.  

I am currently seeking: 1 gold ($25K) , 1 silver ($10K), and 5 bronze ($2-5K) sponsors for international training and competition costs up through the final 2019 National Qualifier for the 2020 Olympic Games. I have secured 1 silver and 2 bronze sponsors.

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(Dedicated to my son and daughter, Maximilian and Skye)
Kim Hyung-Tak Archery Training Center, South Korea

What does this mean?

My Olympic recurve archery daily training goals in South Korea are tangible good body, mind and heart habits. 

It was a significant milestone, when I understood and experienced my good body, mind, and heart achieve good Olymipc recurve archery at 70 meters. The byproduct was my arrows hitting the gold.

A very small percentage of archers around the world will seek to or achieve mastery of the shot process even on a basic-level form and stability of body, mind, and heart from beginning (stance) to end (follow-through after releasing the arrow).

Recent science provides us evidence showing that elite performance and extraordinary breakthroughs across sports and industries requires peak performance states and stress response on demand.

For Olympic recurve archery the body and mind are required to be fully present and focused on a single task and continue that same focus to the next task in the shot sequence as the body opens the bow and the mind aims the arrow.

All of this in itself requires hours and hours of good habits and repetitions of good shot sequences to perform well in competition and understand what good archery feels like.

Experiencing good archery becomes a way of life on and off the range, training and competition field.

It offers a lifestyle of excellence filled with opportunities to open the bow and aim the arrow to serve a greater purpose than one’s own life as well as to achieve victories when it matters most.

How can you sense a good body, mind, and heart in archery?

In the archery shot process there is a time just before releasing the arrow when the tension is greatest. The expansion of power that occurs here is a power line that runs from draw elbow, shoulders and back through bow hand and bow.

It that power is balanced on left and right sides of the body and mind, when the archer opens their chest (a movement that is an expansion feeling) the power will be released through the arrow towards the target.

When body, mind, and heart need more focus or work, tension can easily be seen in the archer’s body shaking, facial stress or forced, unnatural release.

When body, mind and heart are good and balanced the archer’s posture and facial expression are fluid and natural. Their release is fast yet graceful, and the arrow’s flight is piercing.

How is this a universal principle in life?

The tension I mentioned is within the energy we inherit and the world we are born into regardless of who we are or where we live. It is neither good nor bad, nor is it positive or negative. Rather, it is purely an energy that is tension.

No matter our circumstance or the obstacles we are faced with individually and collectively, it is ultimately up to us to choose whether to develop good habits daily for a good body, mind, and heart.

We are blessed with this choice and to develop a lifestyle of excellence together that creates the potential for a culture that serves a good purpose and achieves victories when it matters most.

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Live radio podcast interview discussing experiences with U.S. and International Special Forces and use of advanced technology to recover from injuries:

You can tell more about how a person will react to stress or a business situation from one end of archery than in a hundred hours of meetings.

What do you reveal when you shoot an arrow? How do you handle adversity? Are you honest? Are you able to reset from errors from failure? How do you respond to and recover from stress? Can you hit the target with your mindset? Can you hit the target when you're under pressure?

This program duration is typically 120 minutes. It can be delivered indoors or outside.


Fara Eve Barnes' unique story she shares during her presentations come from her action-packed and colorful life.

Fara's message includes equal doses of inspiration and strategy from Olympic recurve archery to special operations simulations and real world scenarios to international expeditions including HALO skydiving from the top of the world at Mount Everest.

She has used advanced science and technology along with gold-medal and battle-tested processes to quantify and improve performance; achieve and enhance peak performance when it matters most; and engineer maximum results for success.

​Her presentations have ranged from audiences of corporate executives, medical professionals, military leaders, athletes and others.​  She has been on primetime cable TV,  news, science program broadcasts to global classrooms, and international media.

In this keynote, Fara will share the inspiring story of her personal comeback from military service-connected trauma and injuries, and her use of cutting-edge science and technology and advanced sports recovery processes rather than pharmaceuticals to achieve normative function and then recovery to peak performance.

She uses the Olympic recurve archery gold-medal process which has led South Korea to dominate the Olympic podium for the past four decades to show the audience how to create a gold-medal mindset and strategy to respond to stress as well as overcome challenges and adversity.


In this keynote, Fara will share powerful stories and insights from Olympic recurve archery to special operations-based simulations and real world scenarios to expeditions including mountaineering and HALO skydiving from the top of the world at Mount Everest.

She shares cutting-edge strategies for getting maximum results to succeed when it matters most and uses the Olympic recurve archery gold-medal process which has led South Korea to dominate the Olympic podium for the past four decades to show the audience how to achieve their gold-medal potential.


athlete, sport technologist & Motivational speaker

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​​​“It was a pleasure working with Fara on a difficult task in Europe. She is a very sharp operator in the field who has a dynamic and assertive approach to work. I hope we do get to work together in the future.” - Peter King, Director at IMAAG, 

(International Maritime Anti-Piracy Advisory Group)

At the podium Fara shares an inspiring high-octane narrative with key insights and strategies from the world's elite performance processes for audiences to improve performance, respond to stress and fear, overcome obstacles and challenges, get maximum results and achieve their gold-medal potential.

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From Olympic sports and special forces performance to HALO skydiving from Mount Everest, be inspired and learn elite strategies to improve performance, overcome challenges and unlock your potential.

Fara Eve Barnes

Learning to shoot an arrow can give you skills which will pay huge dividends. The shot involves opening the bow, allowing tension to build in a balanced way, and releasing that power through the arrow to the target.

Fara Eve Barnes will teach you how to shoot an arrow based on the gold-medal process which has led South Korea to dominate the Olympic podium for the past four decades.

This program can be delivered indoors or out. Typical duration is 120 minutes, but can be a full day seminar.